3DRobotics 3DR Radio 915Mhz 915 / 433Mhz 433 100mW / 500mW Telemetry Kit


3DR Telemetry Kit Specifications- Very small size- Light weight (under 4 grams without antenna)- 915MHz- Receiver sensitivity to -121 dBm- Transmit power up to 20dBm (100mW / 250mW)- Transparent serial link- Air data rates up to 250kbps- MAVLink protocol framing...

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3DR Telemetry Kit Specifications

- Very small size
- Light weight (under 4 grams without antenna)
- 915MHz
- Receiver sensitivity to -121 dBm
- Transmit power up to 20dBm (100mW / 250mW)
- Transparent serial link
- Air data rates up to 250kbps
- MAVLink protocol framing and status reporting
- Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
- Adaptive time division multiplexing (TDM)
- Support for LBT and AFA
- Configurable duty cycle
- Built in error correcting code (can correct up to 25% data bit errors)
- Demonstrated range of several kilometers with a small omni antenna
- Can be used with a bi-directional amplifier for even more range
- Open source firmware
- AT commands for radio configuration
- RT commands for remote radio configuration
- Adaptive flow control when used with APM
- Based on HM-TRP radio modules, with Si1000 8051 micro-controller and Si4432 radio module

Package including:

1pcs X Telemetry 100mw / 500mw Kit (433mhz/915mhz send as your choice)

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